When to Hire A Computer Service Provider?

These days, technology drives many of the parts of our lives. In most of the cases, in the time our gadgets or electronic devices break down, it is not just a headache, an inconvenience at the same time, but it can somehow be detrimental to one’s livelihood. There are thousands of fatal things that can […]

How private clouds impact the backup and recovery process?

Why private clouds stand a chance of failing? Cloud computing has changed the way software companies do business. Today with the help of cloud computing companies can save a lot of their overhead costs in both software and hardware by buying the cloud services. In cloud software and hardware are offered as a service and […]

How organizations can take a holistic approach to disaster recovery

When it comes to disasters there is no predicting what will happen, whether it is Mother Nature, human error, or even illiteracy of the user. It is impractical to assume that it is will be able to prevent every disaster from occurring. But it is possible to prepare for any of these events with a […]

Go Flex Turbo Hard Drive Comes With Data Recovery

This is the real deal. This hard drive comes with data recovery (SafetyNet Data Recovery Service) as well as preloaded back up software with encryption. The data recovery comes with a 2 year warranty from purchase. It has a storage capacity of 500- 750 GB providing ample storage for your personal files. It has a […]